Applying Grey Relational Analysis to Evaluate Internal Marketing Practice: A Cross-Cultural Case Study in Taiwan and Mainland China Hotels

  • Yu-Ting Huang
  • Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen) Lee
  • Yi-Jyun Jiang
Keywords: Internal marketing practice, Employee satisfaction, Cultural issues, Grey relative analysis


The need for real enhancement of capabilities of an organization to provide various valuable services for customers, as fundamental to competitive advantage, has become a significant issue. This paper aims to consider employee satisfaction by collecting in Taiwan and mainland China hotel industry. It is conducted by referring to the grey relative analysis method to examine what demands employee expects and requires. The findings indicated that employees in both countries have similar requirements for internal marketing regarding personal demographics, although they are under different growing backgrounds and environments. The findings also have implications for the manager in the services organization.

Author Biographies

Yu-Ting Huang
Dr. Yu-Ting Huang is an Assistant Professor for Department of Tourism at Shih Hsin University in Taiwan. She is an emerging tourism and marketing scholar who specializes in internal marketing and cross-cultural studies. Drawing on her tourism and hospitality, Yu-Ting’s research insights provide practical insights for tourism managers. She has published 10 articles in international journals and 15 articles in domestic and international conferences. She was also involved in a number of industry-related projects with a specific focus on uncovering service quality and consumer satisfaction. Yu-Ting has teaching experience in Marketing, Tourism, and International Business in the Asia-Pacific universities.
Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen) Lee
Prof. Tzong-Ru Lee is a professor at the Department of Marketing, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. His research interests include Supply chain management and decision making, Product brand management and decision making, Internet marketing and e-commerce, Logistics decision-making, Management Science, Technology and Innovation, Corporate strategy / competitive dynamics, and cultural industry development. He currently serves as Chief-Editor of IJAITG, and serves as Associate Editor of IJLEG, IJGC, IJAQM. He has published four books and more than 100 articles in domestic and international journals.
Yi-Jyun Jiang
Yi-Jyun Jiang is a student at Department of Applied Economics, National Chung Hsing University.
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Huang, Y.-T., Lee, T.-R., & Jiang, Y.-J. (2020). Applying Grey Relational Analysis to Evaluate Internal Marketing Practice: A Cross-Cultural Case Study in Taiwan and Mainland China Hotels. Contemporary Management Research, 16(1), 55-75.