Exploring Smartphone Users’ Social Information Behavior

  • I Ping Chiang Graduate Institute of Information Management, National Taipei University
  • Chia-Yi Lin Graduate Institute of Information Management, National Taipei University
  • Yi Jou Wu Graduate Institute of Information Management, National Taipei University


AAs the popularity of social network services (SNS) grows, users’ online behavior is increasingly being affected by SNS browsing. Now, mobile device serve as a tool for social connection, provides an increasingly important communication channel in facilitating social connections. SNSs that are adequate for mobile devices have been developed. To clarify web user social information behavior, this study used social network sites to analyze smartphone user online behavior by collecting user clickstream data over a period of 3 months. The influence of SNS browsing on types of external sites visited—namely news, shopping, searches, forums, videos, and blogs—is examined. This study used a site-centric approach, wherein user data was examined by using association rules and the Jaccard Index to explore the relationship between SNS and other online activities. We collaborates with InsightXplorer to recruit smart phone users, collected 580 samples from the consumers who use the smartphone. First, user-centric approach will be conducted for correlation analysis to quantify the association between SNSs and other categories, and then use the results as the standard to conduct fixed effect model by exploring the duration of gender, age and weekdays/weekend at 24hrs. Second, site-centric approach will conduct correspondence analysis and association rules by using users' session to gather all categories in the graph and explore the relationship between the SNSs and the other categories. The result shows that Taiwanese smartphone users use Facebook (both Web and App) as a news-seeking, topic-seeking, video-seeking and word-of-mouth–seeking platform. That means Facebook will become a portal. When people want to find something interesting, the first thing is to open Facebook and searching their timeline. Finally, based on the findings, this study to provide a stepping stone for marketers and researchers to understand web users’ social information behavior. Keywords: Smartphone, Social information behavior, Web usage mining, Clickstream data, Mobile commerce To cite this document: Chiang, I.-P., Lin, C.-Y., & Wu, Y.-J. (2019). Exploring Smartphone Users’ Social Information Behavior. Contemporary Management Research, 15(1), 53-67. https://doi.org/10.7903/cmr.18461