The Reign of Leadership & Power in Just Organizations

  • Silva Karkoulian Lebanese American University


This study aims to illuminate the solid correlation between leadership that is employed in a Lebanese industry, organizational justice (OJ), and power that acts as the mediator between the two variables. This study intends to empirically validate that leadership style affects OJ, provided that power acts as the liaison. The sample consisted of 400 individuals working in small- to medium-sized multinational and Lebanese firms, specializing in the telecommunication and electronics retail sector, located throughout Lebanon. Path and regression analyses were employed to analyze the data and reach conclusions. The findings show that successfully implemented leadership paves the way for OJ through the basis of power exerted in an organization. These findings are of additional value to the wide-ranging studies of human resources in business organizations and widen the scope of just treatment and fairness perceptions in the workplace. Promoting justice in organizations will lay the groundwork for a successful organization that can excel and become a pioneer in its field. Therefore, successful leaders should strive to promote perceptions of fairness in their organization in order to construct an ethical and a just workplace for their subordinates. Keywords: Organizational Justice, Leadership, Power, Managers, Lebanon To cite this document: Silva Karkoulian, "The Reign of Leadership & Power in Just Organizations", Contemporary Management Research, Vol.11, No.2, pp.153-178, 2015. Permanent link to this document:

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Silva Karkoulian, Lebanese American University
Dr. Silva Karkoulian is currently Associate Professor of Management and Chairperson of the Department of Management Studies at the School of Business at the Lebanese American University. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Senior Study. Her research emphasis is in Knowledge Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management and has published in The Journal of Knowledge Management, the Learning Organizations, Contemporary Management Research….She is a reviewer for several Journals and International conferences. She has authored numerous research articles. Her current research interest is in Leadership, power and Justice.
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