The Use of Secondary Data in Unveiling the Potential of Ethnic Markets

Alvin M. Chan, Farid Ahmed


While there is an increasing number of companies realizing the potential that the diverse ethnic markets in Australia possess, majority still do not see the potential. When compared to the United States, ethnic marketing in Australia is still in a developmental stage. For many marketers, the problem is in knowing where to start. Looking from the practitioner’s perspective, this paper demonstrates how to apply readily available secondary data in identifying the potential of the ethnic markets in Australia for selected goods and services. By showing where and how to start, we hope that more marketers in Australia will see the potential of ethnic marketing and in the long run ethnic marketing will be an integral part of any marketing campaign run by a company. Marketers should reassess the usefulness and importance of secondary data in facilitating their formulation of strategic marketing decisions in different marketing mix areas.

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Contemporary Management Research / CMR / ISSN 1813-5498