An Assessment of Housing Condition and Socio-Economic Life Styles of Slum Dwellers in Akure, Nigeria

Kayode Felix Omole


This paper examines the importance of housing to man as an essential need and a prerequisite for the survival of man after food. It equally recognizes profound influence it has on the health, behaviour and efficiency of man and the nation as a whole. The study was carried out with the aid of questionnaire administration, building and facility survey Using random sampling technique, every 5th houses in the five district areas was picked for interviewed. Also, data were collected from related government ministries and departments to particular find out government’s intervention in this area. Findings from the study reveal that the area chosen for the study exhibit slum condition that has undenied impact on the socio-economic lifestyles and the health of the residents, as well as the general outlook of the environment. Recommendations were proffered to guide the policy makers towards enhancing the lives of the residents of the area. Some of which include upgrading programme through the provision of urban basic services and improved sanitation strategies for sustainable management of the area, Public enlightment campaign is also recommended so that the residents will know the importance of good living condition to their health and as well to know the danger of abusing their environment.

Keywords: Housing, Life-Style, Slum, Income, Health

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Contemporary Management Research / CMR / ISSN 1813-5498