Inter-Firm Relationships in the Telecommunications Industry: Characteristics and Typology

Noriaki Shiraishi, Junichi Iijima



This paper discusses the characteristics and formation of inter-firm relationships in the telecommunications industry. The formation and partner selection are key issues for managers arranging inter-firm relationships. We focus on inter-firm relationships conducted by the telecommunications carriers and discuss the characteristics of the industry and possible or preferred formations and propose an analytical framework for inter-firm relationships in the industry. The discussion and proposed framework are validated by actual observed inter-firm relationships. We observed that major telecommunications firms choose equity-based relationships rather than other types and we show a framework that can help people to recognize strategic directions for preparing a valuation of inter-firm relationships in the industry.

Keywords: Telecommunications, Strategic Alliances, M&A, Typology

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Contemporary Management Research / CMR / ISSN 1813-5498