Organizational and Occupational Culture and the Perception of Managerial Accounting Terms: An Exploratory Study Using Perceptual Mapping Techniques

Steven D Johnson, Hian Chye Koh, Larry N Killough



Organizational culture and occupational culture are powerful forces that drive organizations and their members. This study explores their effects on the perception of managerial accounting terms, as measured by semantic differential scales. The sample comprises two occupational groups (i.e. 64 management accountants and 68 non-financial managers) in ten organizations. Organizational culture is measured by the Organizational Culture Inventory. INDSCAL and cluster analysis results indicate that different organizational and occupational cultures are associated with differential perceptions of managerial accounting terms. This finding has implications on the effectiveness of accounting communication. It also shows the importance of understanding the effects of organizational culture and occupational culture, which are powerful forces driving organizations and their members.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Occupational Culture, Accounting Communication, Managerial Accounting Terms, Perceptual Mapping Techniques

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Contemporary Management Research / CMR / ISSN 1813-5498