Customer Engagement Behaviour in Social Media Advertising: Antecedents and Consequences

  • I Ping Chiang National Taipei University
  • Shih Hui Lo National Taipei University
  • Ling-Hui Wang National Taipei University


With the rapid growth and development of social network services, companies have largely increased their advertising budgets for social media advertising. Social media advertising has attracted a great deal of attention among marketers and re-searchers. However, very few works of research have focused on social media ad-vertising and have only concentrated on measuring clicking effects. This study es-tablished a model to analyze customers’ engagement in social media advertising, the relationship among the antecedents of social media advertising engagement, the en-gagement behaviours in social media advertising, and the consequences of social media advertising. This study conducted an online survey among 502 valid Internet users. Partial least squares regression was used to analyze the relationship among the antecedents and consequences of user engagement in social media advertising. Fi-nally, based on the findings, discussions and conclusions will be provided regarding further research and practices. Keywords: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Customer Engage-ment Behaviour To cite this document: I Ping Chiang, Shih Hui Lo, and Ling-Hui Wang, "Customer Engagement Behaviour in Social Media Advertising: Antecedents and Consequences", Contemporary Management Research, Vol.13, No.3, pp. 193-216, 2017. Permanent link to this document: