The Myth of the Additive Effect of The Transformational Leadership Model

Massad Awdah Alatawi


This paper reexamines the additive effect of the transformational leadership model to refine the perception of the transformational leadership theory. It concludes that transformational leadership does not produce a total effect the same as the sum of the effects of the four I’s. It argues that the additive effect of transformational leadership is a myth and that the four I’s do not have an additive influence. Therefore, researchers should not introduce the four I’s as a legitimate model of transformational leadership. For future research, this paper highlights the need for a new theory that justifies transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles with conceptual clarity.

Keywords: Additive Effect, Transformational Leadership, Four I’s, Myth, Conceptual Clarity

To cite this document: Massad Awdah Alatawi, "The Myth of the Additive Effect of The Transformational Leadership Model", Contemporary Management Research, Vol.13, No.1, pp. 19-30, 2017.

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