A Pilot Study of Current Trends in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Education within the Tertiary Sector

Mehdi Asgarkhani, Jun Wan



The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the effectiveness of information systems and information technology education for developing work-ready graduates. It compares Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills that students acquire throughout their course of studies with skills identified by the ICT industry as being crucial for the ICT job sector. The critical skills as seen by ICT workplaces were identified by investigating a sample of 205 randomly selected ICT roles and their associated skill requirements. Our first impression of what students learn and their views of crucial ICT skills were established through a case study of a focus group of graduating ICT students. The outcome of the two studies are compared and reflected upon in this paper.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Information Systems and Technology, ICT Education, ICT Education Effectiveness, Crucial ICT Skills

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7903/cmr.1269

Contemporary Management Research / CMR / ISSN 1813-5498